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Connections: April 2.17


If you say “the funny papers,”

do people look askance

as though you’re some green alien

who landed here by chance?

Or do you say “the comics”

and fewer people stare?

Have you ironed them on waxed paper,

an art form all too rare?

Did you hear “The Comic Weekly Man”

on Sunday radio

and now tell certain skeptics

of that Stone Age long-ago?

Then you will share my sigh

that I can’t do it any more:

read the Sunday funnies

while lying on the floor.



2 thoughts on “Connections: April 2.17

  1. Yes, they were the funny papers. 🙂 No, I couldn’t get on the floor and sit up like that without sending my back into a spasm that would require the fire department to get me back off the floor while I screamed in pain. I think I can remember when I could do that or maybe it’s just a fantasy. 🙂 Handsome guy you have there.

    • I’m with you on wondering if I could really do such things or if it’s all just a fantasy — and when the fire department was done helping you, they’d have to come haul me up. I’m glad someone else calls them the funny papers; it was such a common phrase Back Then but now, not so much. Thanks for the compliment to my grandson. He is indeed a fine specimen.

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