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4 thoughts on “Connections: March 30.17

  1. From the photo it seems as if force-sensitives scorn a cake fork for celebrations like this. You would have imagined the lightsabre might melt the chocolate, but I suppose it takes all sorts.

    Sending warm birthday greetings to your second-born!

    • I do wish that I could say that we used The Force to eat! (I agree the light saber would have made a mess.) I suppose there were forks somewhere, but chocoholics are never too proud to eat with their fingers. Thanks for the birthday greetings, which I will pass along.

  2. Good chocolate cures almost anything, and that looks like a person could be quite happy after enjoying it. 🙂

    • Oh, yes. There was serious chocolate bliss after these birthday cakes! You are completely right about chocolate’s power to cure. I hope you have some on hand for this weekend. April snow definitely calls for chocolate.

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