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Connections: March 26.17


The Word of the Day, orogeny,

 is from geological lore.

It refers to upheaval of mountains

and to my home decor.

Upheaval is the leitmotif

that thrums through every room

clutter, heaps, and mayhem

clumps of boxes bloom.

My metaphors are mixed

and fitting they be so:

this inside-out and upside-down

gives me vertigo.

I hate this fraught dystopia

but it’s the price I have to pay:

sometimes a tidy tomorrow

requires a messy today.


4 thoughts on “Connections: March 26.17

  1. You’re back. 🙂 Painting? Decluttering? We took everything, and I mean everything, out of our walk-in closet last week. We installed some new shelving, and then put it all back in. We could barely find the bed for two days. The van was loaded to the ceiling with bags and boxes for Goodwill, but that closet sure is one good looking place now. 🙂

    • I am so jealous! Right now I’d be euphoric over one good-looking closet. Congratulations — that was no small accomplishment, and I’ll take it as inspiration. I’m trying to get my house ready to sell, so, yes, decluttering, painting, cleaning (ugh), packing, discarding, whatever — all the above.

  2. Thank you for those good wishes! Yes, I too have been there and done that, and I can’t say that I’m any better at all this than I ever have been. Wadda mess. No, no help, but at this point help would just be in the way. Bad enough I’m bumping into myself, let alone others!

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