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Connections: March 22.17


In how many ways

can Nature say bland?

How many greys

in March’s wasteland?

Thus the creek queried

churning leaden and duller

in sighs winter-wearied

“My kingdom for some color!”

With apologies to Shakespeare.

Yes, dear reader, this IS a color shot. Taken yesterday. Alas.


2 thoughts on “Connections: March 22.17

  1. Anything that is not white – please. 🙂 We have sun today which always perks me up, and I’m headed to a gardening meeting and a trip to the greenhouse to get a color infusion. 🙂

    • You got me on the “anything that is not white”! LOL, as the young folks say. Yes, I think I can see how even greys would be welcome there. Glad to hear about your color infusion and sun today. Plus the splendid company of gardeners — well, I guess you are going to have yourself some spring no matter what Mother Nature is doing!

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