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Connections: March 17.17


The shade that’s cast by brick and steel

cannot in peace compare

to shade endowed by green —

susurrous emerald air.

It cools the soul and slows the heart

pares our excess ways

says “only this” and makes us stop

to gather up our somedays.

May green be yours, dear reader,

though winter’s not quite gone;

may you see some signs of springtime

and catch a leprechaun.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, dear reader!

With a shillelagh salute to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives,

Vernon Hill Gallery.



3 thoughts on “Connections: March 17.17

  1. Beautiful photo. 🙂 To find any green here, I’d have to go to a paint story or my local nursery. 🙂 Happy St. Pat’s day to you.

    • Thank you! You know, of course, that I laughed out loud when I read that you’d have to go to a paint store to find green. It’s not so funny from your white perspective, I know, but I couldn’t help it. I agree that the photo is beautiful; I have spent some time just staring into it, pretending I was there.

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