In search of story

Connections: March 10.17


The pursuit of excellence

is always laudatory

until we tumble over

 in wilted perspiratory.

It would be my undoing

but is nothing for him

he’ll eat a rhinoceros

and dash off with new vim.

Thanks to photographer Kelley Wilson Mesterharm.



4 thoughts on “Connections: March 10.17

  1. Handsome little guy. They always amaze me how they pop right up. I’d need the fire department to remove me. 🙂 I worried yesterday when I didn’t see a post. Hope you were just having a good time and too busy to blog. 🙂

    • That strange sound you just heard was me hooting when I got to the part about the fire department. Thanks for the laugh, and thanks for worrying. I cast about yesterday for words but came up with nothing. I feel a serious writer’s slump coming on. (And, yes, I am forced to agree that he IS a handsome guy!)

  2. I do like blaming things on the weather, and I often do, but sometimes the words just don’t come, and I can never figure out whether it’s because there are no words or because there are too many words. Anyway, I’m happy to hear about the visit from your grandson. I know the thrill!

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