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Connections: March 3.17


getpart-5I couldn’t believe my eyes

could such a thing still be?

The ultimate decadence

wanton luxury!

Root beer, hot dog, burger

borne like royal crown

to ketchup-starved gourmands

with windows all rolled down.

No four-star restaurant

could possibly compare

with fumes of cheese and onion

and French-fried August air.

I stammer to express

my thoughts so recondite

on this extant greasy wondrous

ancient summer rite.

Thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



4 thoughts on “Connections: March 3.17

  1. Now add roller skates and life is good for sure – at least for those of a certain age. 🙂

  2. Mmm … delicious memories! I also remember the scratchy, barely audible sound from drive-in movie theater speakers that also clipped on to the side of the car. It’s kind of amazing to me when I think that I’ve gone from watching movies that way to streaming them instantly in my lifetime!

    • Goodness, yes! The drive-in movie and its speakers belong in the same memory file with the clip-on trays. You are so very right about the changes in our lifetime — I wonder if today’s adolescents will look back on their gizmos the way we look back on things that clipped on car doors.

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