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4 thoughts on “Connections: February 25.17

  1. It is always a spring miracle to me how these tiny plants poke through the cold soil to bring such beauty for all of us to enjoy. 🙂 Happy Saturday.

    • Thanks, Judy, and a happy Saturday to you too! I totally agree about these bright little miracles, especially this morning as the snow is whizzing around the house. Yesterday in the 70s, today in the 30s. Those little miracles might decide to duck back under.

  2. My mom said that eggs were the perfect protein food, and her favorite color was yellow and her favorite pie was lemon meringue, so thank you for the memories and the re- memory!

    • It will not surprise you to know that I was thinking of lemon meringue pie as I stared at this yellow. Also butter. Either yellow is a very complicated color or I was really hungry as I was writing this post. Anyway, I like your mom already. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

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