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Connections: January 10.17


2015-02-69-snowstorm-25-26-1When it snows in ol’ Virginny

by the Chesapeake Bay

and sky and the sea

join in endless grey

and the wind blows ice

down each wool bandanna

you know it’s not nice

in Indiana.

More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.


2 thoughts on “Connections: January 10.17

  1. Hope you are keeping warm. 🙂 Temps here are finally going above 40 today. 🙂

    • We too will be enjoying temps over 40 — and blasts of wind to match! But this is Indiana and that is South Carolina! We’re not supposed to be so alike right now! Keeping warm is a challenge, but I’m rising to it! I hope ditto for you as your weather returns to what it should be. I think more pecan pie would be warming.

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