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Connections: January 5.17


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI opened the window

and breathed way deep

the pre-dawn air

thick with sleep

drizzles had left it

soft and warm



not the norm

though wistful for spring

I understood

that January’s mud

smells almost as good.



4 thoughts on “Connections: January 5.17

  1. They’re expecting cold weather and a few snow flurries down here over the weekend as that cold spells spills across the nation. On the local new this morning, they interviewed a doctor who tried to convince locals that if they happened to go out in the cold weather they wouldn’t catch a cold or get sick just from stepping outside. I kind of had to chuckle just thinking that there might be a population that had to be told about that. 🙂 So open that window and get a good sniff, you’ll be okay. 🙂

    • Amen to that: opening the window even to cold air can be a very healthy thing to do. I grew up in the Chicago area, so I join you in chuckling about people who have to be told it’s safe to breathe cold air — even to go out in it! But snow in SC has got to be a shocker for the folks who live there, and it sure isn’t what you’re there for! May it be over quickly!

  2. The smell of a new day is sigh worthy. New day, new beginnings. Lovely words. I thank you for sharing.

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