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Connections: December 21.16


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAYou may recall, dear reader,

when last you saw my tree

it was prostrate on the floor

Christmas gang agley.

The ruins have been salvaged

my firstborn saved the day

the tree is standing upright

with minimal crack and fray.

A festive touch, the Christmas twine

functional, albeit

a rarely-used adornment

please pretend that you don’t see it.


8 thoughts on “Connections: December 21.16

  1. Your tree is a senior citizen like the rest of us and just occasionally needs a little propping up. 🙂 You must have raised that son right because he came to his Mom’s Christmas rescue. Now your big decision is whether to do it again next year or buy a new one. 🙂

    • You are so right about the need to be propped up and the big decision about whether to keep or replace this poor old tree. As to the raising of the sons, I can only say that I hope you’re right; I do think they’re both great.

  2. I personally like the twine; it’s a creatively festive solution to the problem, along with the careful detail of protecting the banister from scratches. Great tree, great son – I say keep them both!

  3. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without twine.

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