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Connections: December 11.16


2015-12-09-angelsYou can’t go back

that’s no lie

but Christmas is

the time to try.

Unburied from tissue

and neuron connection

Christmas of childhood

bemused retrospection.

Tinseled nostalgia

patina of age

bring yesterday’s players

to today’s Christmas stage.

We can’t go back

that much is clear

and so we summon

childhood here.

Thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives

and the D.J. Berg Christmas Panorama.



5 thoughts on “Connections: December 11.16

  1. Perfect description of Christmas decorations. I have a plastic Santa about 8-10″ tall holding a bag of toys that has one of those large old Christmas light bulbs inside. I haven’t plugged it in in years, but he has to come out and have his own section of the bookcase. My Grandfather gave it to me when I was about five or so. You can give a good guess as to how old he is. 🙂 Good childhood memories rise like cream. 🙂

    • I love your old Santa without even seeing him! And that’s your grandpa standing right next to him on that shelf. What a marvelous keepsake! And I also love the way you put it about good childhood memories rising like cream — though I ruefully acknowledge that not everyone will get that. Ah, what was lost when the milkman went the way of the dinosaur.

  2. One of the things I appreciate about reading your poetry is that you manage to express my own jumble of thoughts and feelings so precisely with your well-crafted words, and this is a wonderful example. We had many of the same candles when I was growing up, surrounded by fake fiberglass snow. Between that and lead tinsel, it’s a wonder we’re still around.

    • Thank you! You cannot imagine how encouraging your words are to me. As to the fiberglass and lead, I can but laugh. Who knew that Christmas could be so hazardous? I mean other than from frazzled nerves and Burl Ives.

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