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Connections: December 3.16


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAOne newly smithed leaf

clanged to hot glow

bright yet from autumn’s forge

amid the dry and fallow.



4 thoughts on “Connections: December 3.16

  1. You’d be hard pressed to find a yellow leaf here. Brown is the color of the season right now. 🙂 However, inside the color is red, white, and green. 🙂

    • Is that the red, white and green of Christmas? Or is it the gardener’s x-ray vision at work, seeing all the colors that are merely dormant in the brown of the leaves and seeds? Here in Indiana we have a tree mix of brown, bare, and still leafy; the maples in front are still holding their reds. Raking season will probably stretch to April. (What a thought!)

      • Be still my heart. Raking in one season is more than I can take. Everything here is brown and there are piles where they build up from the wind but the rest of it is fairly clean. 🙂 So, inside I focus on the white lights, green tree, and all the red decorations.

  2. You had to have heard me! I hooted when I read your reaction to the prolonged raking. I couldn’t agree more. Nasty habit, that raking. So your white, green, and red are indoors. But still I think you probably have gardener’s x-ray vision. My indoor decorations are also white, green, and red — plus whatever color dough becomes on the kitchen floor (and how I wish I could blame my grandchildren).

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