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Connections: November 14.16


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s my mother’s birthday

she would be 98!

she died before she aged

I try to think that’s great.

Of all the things of hers I kept

this makes me laugh and cry

if you know what this treasure is

then you’re as old as I.

Evelyn Mauck O’Hern  11/14/1918 – 6/19/1996


7 thoughts on “Connections: November 14.16

  1. Of course I know what that is, and I smiled at seeing it. It is a sprinkler bottle for wetting your clothes before you ironed them. Oh, the days of sprinkling, putting them in the refrigerator, and then ironing. It may make me smile, and I love that you kept it, but I’ll take a steam iron any day. 🙂 Summers on my grandparents’ farm involved several chores, and ironing was one of mine. I haven’t liked to iron since. 🙂

  2. That is a lovely tribute to your mother, both in words and photo. I also know what it is, and have wished that I had my mother’s sprinkler when I iron. A plastic spray bottle just isn’t the same.

    • Thanks, Bonny! I was never the accomplished sprinkler that my mother was and usually soaked my bobby sox before the linens because I dribbled more than sprinkled. And I hated those mother-daughter ironing sessions. Yet here is her bottle and her ironing board. Daughterhood is complicated.

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