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Connections: September 11.16


2016-09-03-tree-stumpNo matter

the sever

the hack and hew

’tis this way ever:

from the old

comes the new.

Painful the loss

of nurture and shade

but if roots hold firm

life is re-made.

Thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives for an image especially eloquent for today.


2 thoughts on “Connections: September 11.16

  1. Here’s your chuckle for today. I have a house plant that is 38 years old. It starts to hit the ceiling, I cut that branch down to the soil, but it keeps on growing. Recently, I brought my big lopers up to cut off the current branch close to the ceiling, snip it was gone. Then I notice two new shoots. My husband and I chuckle about the will of this plant to live. đŸ™‚

    • I can so well picture that! Thirty-eight years and not to be stopped! Yes, I am laughing. There is something joyful in that stubbornness, and we need to be reminded of it. Thank you!

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