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Connections: September 5.16


2016-08 - 41 - Purple flowersIn the park

in the season of no name

greens waver

the high grass

restless, uncertain


as a wistful air plays

against its parchment edges


a sepia wash hovers

over the letting-go


here and there

a regal smear

of purple.

More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.


3 thoughts on “Connections: September 5.16

  1. What lovely, expressive words you’ve written! I especially like “the season of no name”, not quite summer nor fall. I’ve been noticing the dried parchment edges, but will be more appreciative of the regal smears of purple.

    • Thank you, Bonny! So good to find you here! I was completely smitten by those purples almost hidden in the grasses — Mother Nature sure knows a thing or two about color.

    • Sometimes I cheat. I go back and re-write. I did on this one since you first saw it. Over and over, as a matter of fact. I wanted to eliminate the word “whisper” because I realized I’d used it in another piece about autumn. I’m sure you know the folly of trying to change just one word — the challenge was on! I continue to arm-wrestle with this. I don’t know yet which of us will win.

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