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Connections: August 28


getPart (2)The rational being within us

when heat and humidity combine

demands we take proper action:

get out and stand in line


the muggier the air

the longer the queue

the better the vanilla

the caramel

the goo.

(That’s me on the left. I think the photographer got my good side.)

And yet more thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



2 thoughts on “Connections: August 28

  1. I love ice cream. I especially love home made ice cream. We have a couple of companies that provide delicious home made ice cream, but they are in different towns and are quite a drive. Our in-town places sell locally made but store available products. I enjoy them once in a while, but the idea that I can buy two quarts for the price of one small dish somehow ruins the experience. All the ice cream stores up here also close down in October and open back up in April. That was quite an adjustment when we moved up here. 🙂

    • I discovered ice cream late in life, and, boy, am I sorry I did! Of all the comfort foods there are, it has got to be the most dangerous. The homemade stuff is particularly so. I can only shake my head at that adjustment you had to make. As though ice cream doesn’t go with those pies you are going to make with those berries in your freezer come January!

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