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Connections: May 29


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMy mother was smart and pretty

and had an amazing green thumb

but in discourse she lacked patience,

going quickly to “That’s just dumb!”

Now we’re besmirched by campaign

(deliver us from such another!)

and I hear myself too often

quoting my prescient mother.


4 thoughts on “Connections: May 29

  1. Here, Here! I loved this one. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Vince! Feel free to quote my mother if/when you feel the need!

  3. I think this could be a sign the size of the tv screen, could be posted at the time of the political news coverage, hit the mute button and that would say it all. 🙂

  4. I love it, especially the part about the mute button! It reminds me of my as-yet unpatented idea for a WhoCares? button on the computer. Don’t you think it would come in handy?

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