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Connections: April 8

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAOnce upon an April dreary

as I stood and tried to think

there came a sound a little eerie

over by the kitchen sink.

The leftovers I was trying to ponder

while inventorying and unwrapping

looked with me in curious wonder

toward the ghostly tap-tap-tapping.

“What the heck?” my eloquent speech

forsaking my work mid-chore

turning my eye to this dinnertime breach

while the leftovers quothe, “Nevermore.”

Sleet! Colder than man’s ingratitude!

in spring denunciation

did not reform my attitude

suff’ring from light deprivation.

“Nevermore the spring!” I wail

with every saint and sinner

as winter holds, morose and stale

just like Sunday’s dinner.

With apologies to Poe.