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Connections: April 1



It’s Poetry Month, dear reader!

And how should the chorus swell?

With patter song and lieder,

with Mother Goose and Shel?

Should we inscribe a dirigible

to float in iambical ease

with Ogden Nash incorrigible

or sonnet Portuguese?

Bake an Emily Dickinson cake?

Or a Learian calico pie

in case e.e. or Blake

or the Scroobius Pip come by?

Or all the above!

Choose as you will:

canto or haiku or

(like me)


 So frabjous the ways

to be poet voices —

we have 30 days

to raise up our noises.


4 thoughts on “Connections: April 1

  1. What a wonderful start to Poetry Month! Also, I think your poetry is many things, but absolutely not doggerel.

    • Thank you, Bonny — for both thoughts. Poetry has always been very enigmatic to me, and I hadn’t tried it for years. But then, because of Tamara, I went back to trying. It helped me with my prose. And then I found myself stuck like a fly on flypaper, trying to write poetry for its own sake and not just to be better at prose. It’s still an enigma, and I really appreciate your encouragement.

  2. Tried to “like” this post but my Droid doesn’t always function as I want it to. I just found your blog this week and I love it. Thanks, and keep these gems flowing.

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