In search of story

Connections: February 8




The button tin

that Grandma kept her buttons in

source of great mystery

family history

whose? how old?

from what dress? any gold?

Did she


her progeny

unknown kin

playing in the button tin?


2 thoughts on “Connections: February 8

  1. Ah, I remember the button tin, and how the buttons lead one through the history of the family garments. I particularly enjoy those little button feet in the photo — how clever! My question is, “Cat or Dog”?

    • The answer to your question is YES.

      I’m so pleased that you know about button tins! I suspect there aren’t many who do — and what rattling good times they’ve missed. My grandma used to play “Button, button, who’s got the button?” with us, and I have no memory at all of what that was about except that’s what we said.

      (We haven’t lost all our buttons yet, have we?)

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