In search of story

Connections: January 27


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are colorless

like death

parchment shade of yourself


over winter water

— leering mirror

waggly-lined mockery of the real —

bent ever closer

to the purr of cold,



    but for frost’s wrap,

    rooted in a clay famine

   thick with indifference,


you are caregiver.

Warmth and shelter of Denial

hoarded by others,

yours the endless winter of dementia





4 thoughts on “Connections: January 27

  1. wonderful. And bleak.

  2. Thank you, Shirah. I’m so glad you responded to it and weren’t put off by the bleakness, which was really deep in me and I had to try to find words for it. Caregiving resurfaced this morning as sort of an unfinished portrait — you know how that is — and I had to work on it again.

  3. Your words hit close to home. So close.

  4. It’s no exaggeration , is it? And I’m so sorry.

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