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6 thoughts on “Connections: January 20

  1. Your sunny photo and wonderful poem are delightful surprises this morning in the midst of all the dire weather predictions for this weekend. I’m going to be remembering that hope is hid, not lost as the snow, ice, and wind swirl!

    • Thank you for commiserating, Bonny. I am finding that the cold, the wind, and the headlines are making me feel like one of those leafless frozen twigs in my garden, small and easily cracked. I needed a warm thought.

  2. Is this from a dream?

  3. Right now I’m glad I don’t live in the East, for once. I love the color and composition in this photo, Maureen. Makes me want to jump right into the picture!

  4. Thanks! Yes, I know how you feel. Summer colors are mightily missed about now. And AMEN to your thoughts about the East. Looks as though they are in for a very bad time.

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