In search of story

August 30



The butterfly and the bee

in snappy bug repartee

enjoined one another colorfully

Orange is the new black

said the butterfly

Black is the new orange

said the bee

Together they snacked

amid  floret and bract

this trendy butterfly and bee.

August countdown.

2 thoughts on “August 30

  1. What witty insects! I am in awe of your poetic rhyming abilities this late in the game. (My brain has already turned to mush. Plus I envy the beauty of your gardens, even in August.)

  2. Thank you! I’m beginning to think that word is out among the bugs out back that they might be on a blog and so they’ve started posing.

    I doubt that your brain has turned to mush, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it needed some extra time with Avocado Dreamin’.

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