In search of story

Two things


First the summons
to prove my worthy age —
carded! — to buy
rubber cement.

Ludicrous is good.
We need respite
from sanity
lest we be
with a surfeit of sense.

Second, key in ignition,
I stopped,
disbelieving my stowaway:
ladybug! blessed spring billboard!
It stretched
winged itself
and was gone
as though never there.

Bestowed by happenstance
a lighter heart.

4 thoughts on “Two things

  1. Aah.

  2. I love how poetry elevates the absurd and sublime “little” things that happen in daily life, encouraging us all to pay a little more attention. Wonderful as always, Maureen.

  3. Thanks. You are so right about how words can elevate — you have taught me well, Obi Wan.

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