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The old lady who danced a jig


By way of experiment, the old lady tried to insert photos into her blog again — and she did it! “Media upload” worked! The old lady was ecstatic and danced a jig around the room. This is also known as the rheumatiz gavotte and is risky because the old lady was a dance-school drop-out once upon a distant time. But the sheer joy of the moment caused her to rise above the confines of age and sense. And she is sure that the wall she tried to claim as partner can be easily patched.

She hereby thanks the WordPress Happiness Engineers for working their magic. She knows that she is hanging on to the blog world by the merest thread and so it is with profound gratitude that she finds that thread strengthened.

Her readers will also be glad to hear that the old lady has a new printer and that she has gone so far as to read the directions that came with it. She has flawlessly executed the first directive: remove the tape. Nothing exploded and so it was time for another jig.

The old lady needs a nap.

4 thoughts on “The old lady who danced a jig

  1. I’m laughing out loud! The rheumatic Gavotte with your parner wall! Just hysterical! It’s nearly seven in the evening here and I’ll be laughing all the way through bedtime and beyond. It’s a great funny way to start tomorrow too. When I buy my new printer and have trouble with the tape, I’ll be sure to rely on your greater skills and accomplishments. I can’t stop laughing.

  2. After a month of wrangling with technology myself, I feel your joy, Maureen, and your pain. Anytime we can move forward is a victory that needs to be celebrated, and often opening product packaging is the greatest challenge! You made me laugh, and thank you for that.

  3. I do hope that removing the tape will prove to be the greatest challenge! Thanks for commiserating.

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