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On being happy


My California brother sent me a link to a video, “Reading=Happy.” Music by Pherrell Williams. Dancing by librarians, Kiwanians, Rotarians, city council members, pizza delivery guys, Boys and Girls Club, youthful ballerinas, grade school kids. Its purpose: to benefit the Placentia library. Its spirit: infectious, intoxicating, toe-tapping, head-bouncing joie de vivre. Happiness is not an easy thing to define, but we know it when we see it. We know it when we feel it. Obviously readers are deliriously happy people.

What about writers, more specifically, WordPress writers? Even more specifically, WordPress writers with Vista and IE9? And what about the WordPress Happiness Engineers? How happy can they be?

I understand that it is my sorry lot to have Vista with IE9, that my medieval browser is being blamed for the problems uploading images. But why blame the browser? Everything worked smoothly until now. It seems to be something WordPress has done. What’s done cannot be undone? (Thanks, Will.)

WordPress voices exhort me to update my browser. But others warn me not to mess with Vista and IE9. What doth it profit a writer to upload images if she loseth a dozen other computer functions?

WordPress is for writers, yes? Technology is the pen, the tool, the means to an end. I envy the bloggers with technical skills and their dazzling presentations, but it’s the writing that matters. I don’t want to agonize over browsers and other imponderables. I want the “simple” and “easy” that WordPress promised.

My son is now inserting my photos in my posts from his computer. This works but imposing on him does not make me happy.

I cannot imagine the burden of being a Happiness Engineer. I wish each one well and the inspiration to return us to happier uploading. Soon. Please.

4 thoughts on “On being happy

  1. None of these “easy” promises are worth beans if we must keep getting rescued by our kids. I’ve been there too many times and wish you a much better, easier navigation in the future.

  2. Thanks, Shirah, for your good wish and your empathy! I laughed out loud when I read the part about being rescued by our kids. Amen! And now we face being rescued by our grandchildren! Dear heavens!

  3. When I saw the photos in the last post, I was hoping that WordPress had gotten their act together. Free, I’m afraid, always comes with a price, doesn’t it? Great description of the video, by the way. From now on, I don’t wish the happiness engineers any happiness until they fix this problem for you and the other thousands of folks affected.

  4. Ah, yes, the elusive truth behind “free.” Well, I am hopeful. Surely the tearful pleas of so many must mean something.

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