In search of story

Character sketch


I will change you
re-arrange you
lift you up
to be like me
because I know
how you should be

your house isn’t right
your hair is a fright
your glasses out-moded
your clothing corroded
your life a mess
I come, Graymalkin!

I will save you from yourself
make you
in my image

How good of me
to enlighten you
righten you
tell you what your problem is.
What? I have a problem?
I thought you knew
how sensitive I am.
You’ve gone and
hurt my feelings.
Now you have to call me
patch things up
because I know
what your problem is
I will tell you.

I will kick you
when you’re down.

I owe this to you.
You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “Character sketch

  1. This hits me right in the gut. I’ve known someone like this and the emotions conjured are universal. I particularly like the line “your clothing corroded” and your use of line and flow are perfect. The reference to Graymalkin (and MacBeth?) is intriguing, too. Well done, Maureen!

  2. Thank you! Not just for the compliment, but for saying that it hit you in the gut. It came from my gut. With deep reservations.

    And, yes, MacBeth!

    This piece has been simmering for a long while in me and I haven’t been able to give it any form. Then a recent Word of the Day was gramalkin. Instant flashback to MacBeth, Act I, scene i, which then entered into that simmering. Then your poem about Friday — that rhythm echoed the witches’ incantations. So Word of the Day and your Friday poem were the catalysts to form. Thank you for that, too! (And thank you, Will, wherever you may be!)

  3. And I believe it was Will’s birthday this past week. A birthday gift perhaps!

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